Connect/Disconnect Messages from Access Point


We are currently using AWS with end devices that connect directly to the Amazon broker via Wi-Fi. When a client connects, disconnects, or the keep-alive times out Amazon publishes lifecycle messages specifying the client ID. We monitor for these messages and display the status in our UI.

Using the Atom module and Element Cellular Access point would allow us to deploy our end devices in more locations than we can with Wi-Fi but I am curious if the access point publishes any lifecycle messages when an Atom module connect/disconnects or times out?

We would hate to lose this functionality.


@bpair Helium Atom based devices are not like normal TCP/IP devices that keep an open connection at all times. An Atom based device in most usecases sends it’s data and then goes back to sleep to save power.

A common way to solve the “liveness” issue in non connection oriented devices is to detect if you have not received application level data from them in a while. Since that communication frequency and timeout behavior is application specific we don’t currently have it built into our infrastructure.

We’d be happy to talk more about how you could get liveness features for your application. Shoot mark@helium an email if you want to run through your specific details?