Controlling Devices


Thinking about the competition possibilities. It doesn’t appear there is a direct way of sending control signals to the Atom and then the connected micro. Is that correct?

The configuration variable process could be used for this but the documentation implies this is not the intent. Is there a reason using a config var is not suitable?

An example is the classic LED control project. How would you control the LED from the dashboard or an application connected via the cloud?


Config variables would work great for this example. If you could point where the documentation indicates otherwise we’ll go fix it up!


It’s more the documentation doesn’t present this as an possibility or provide an example. For an IoT system this would be an obvious requirement so not having it clearly presented made me wonder if it was problematic.


Hi there. The control use cases are definitely a big target for this feature. It should be more apparent. We’ll touch up the docs.

We have a few examples on our blog of how to do basic control via both AWS IoT and GCP IoT.

One recent use of them (with GCP and a RasPi) is the team at a Wallo who uses them to control swing gates.

What specific control are you envisioning? We could probably whip up a code sample pretty quickly to demonstrate it.



I would like to see MQTT message sent from the cloud IoT being relayed to the device for the purpose of device control, configuration change or even software update.