Custom Publish Topics


Attempting to possibly retrofit an existing AWS IoT platform to use Helium. Our end devices publish to specific topics for different scenarios however I do not see that possibility.

For example the way it works now is an end device specifies the topic and payload for a message to be published. The topic does match a pattern abc/123//abc/

The custom part could include a request Id that the end device is acknowledging. Is this functionality available or must I create a Lambda router to parse every message, determine the final topic destination, and then forward?

September 28, 2017 - Talks, blogs, code, hardware, jobs, and more

@bpair Certainly not the first time we’ve heard this request and we’ve been working on a feature that would enable this and more. We call it Channel Templates, and will allow templating topics based on contents as well as transforming the data as it goes from device to cloud and the other way around.

We’re polishing up docs and some Dashboard UI around it over the next week or so, so stay tuned!


Great! For AWS we would be mapping your Atom MAC to our AWS thingname on every message as well.

We currently have a different cert and policy for each end device that restricts the topics the device can subscribe and publish too.

I assume you have something similar to prevent a hijacked Atom device from publishing to any topic, potentially impersonating other end devices.


I’d have to guess at how you’re mapping Mac to Thing name, but the template in the Channel has the device mac address available outside of the payload that the device sends. That means you can’t spoof the mac address in the data. That could form the root of a trusted topic scheme.

On policies, I’d have to understand what you’re doing there, but I think it can be mapped? If you’d like to get on slack or a call as you’re trying this out with any questions we’re here to help.