Data size limit for atom->element->Google IoT core


The data received in Google IoT core using pub/sub shows the data got truncated:
Received message: Message {
data: ‘2,1524198131,000000006ba82ff4,27573814,13,0,3,4018…’
attributes: {
“deviceId”: “Helium device”,
“deviceNumId”: “deviceNumId”,
“deviceRegistryId”: “deviceRgistryId”,
“deviceRegistryLocation”: “us-central1”,
“projectId”: “projectId”,
“subFolder”: “”
I am wondering what is the data size limit for Atom->Element->Google IoT Core.


I wrote a Python script to perform the size limit test and found that the maximum string length that can be sent is 50, i.e., 50 bytes, without being truncated.


Hey Ming,

The max data size is 100 bytes per message sent. Make sure that you are not adding formatting characters to what you are sending which would cut into that max message size.