Developer Update 1/2018


Developer Updates

Happy New Year, Helium Community! We have some important updates for the new year and some great new reference material to improve your connected Helium devices with your back-end cloud services.

New Blog Posts

We have new blog posts which will help you manage your connected sensors over the air and show you some good device management practices on both Python and C based platforms

Managing Device State with Google Cloud IoT

Managing Device State with AWS IoT and Helium

New Docs

We have new Helium Channels and Hardware docs up on which reflect the latest information from our cloud providers and development hardware. For those of you using a Raspberry Pi 3 and have encountered mysterious serial port problems, I would take a look at this update.

Helium Raspberry Pi Guide

New Guides

A frequent IoT application request that we hear when speaking with clients from many different industries is human presence detection. To put an example in the public space of how this can be done with Helium, we have published a Hackster guide using a few inexpensive sensors and a Raspberry Pi 3. Take a look…

People Counting with Helium, Grid-EYE, and Raspberry Pi

Additionally, our friends at Twilio have published a guide on agricultural monitoring using Twilio Programmable Wireless and Helium. This is a great example of how you can monitor the soil quality in real time for your personal garden or even scale to acres of farmland! Be sure to check it out.

Agricultural Monitoring with Twilio Programmable Wireless and Helium

Hardware Distributors

If you are in need of hardware, head over to Mouser where you can pick up a Helium Starter Kit to build your own connected solutions.