Emulate devices for testing


Hello Helium Development team,
I have placed my order for started kit but was wondering if there is a way to emulate sending data from an external site or via script to the Helium cloud? which can then send out data outbound via configured channels?
I am preparing for a small test environment and already have the external http receiver setup. I would like to go ahead and test creating data from external interface to get ingested into the Helium cloud and sent northbound via http channel.
Thanks in advance for your guidance.


Hi @dtembe,

That’s a great question and we’ve been working towards offering that to developers for both testing purposes as well as in production as “virtual sensors”.

We’re not quite ready to release this yet, but stay tuned!

In the mean-time you could use a USB sled with an atom attached to a computer to run tests over an actual wireless network?


Hello Marc,
Thanks! That will work. I have a couple of orders placed and will have to wait for the delivery before I can being. I was just being impatient and wanted to get started today. :slight_smile:
Agreed, Virtual sensors could be something that would be awesome to develop with, esp. in my case where I am more interested in getting the back-end application setup based on the data I receive from Helium cloud. I look forward to your future updates. Good Work and thanks for a quick response.