Helium Element keeps resetting constantly


Helium! I have a problem !

My Helium element (Ethernet) keeps resetting constantly (three leds blink once a second for three seconds in a row, then the orange LED flashes for a while and becomes solid. Then, reset again). It does not connect to Internet and does not talk to the Helium atom.

This situation happened after I plugged the Helium element after four days of being unplugged from power supply. Everything worked fine for more than five weeks before. In the dashboard, the Helium Element appears offline. There is no traffic reported.

Please, instruct me how to debug and fix this situation.

PS: I checked the Internet router. The Helium element MAC address is recognized and authorized to communicate with Internet as before (It is not filtered).

Thank you!



Thanks for the message and sorry for the issues. Would you mind emailing me - mark@helium.com - the last four digits of your Element’s MAC address? I can take a look at the logs and see if anything obvious is happening.



Thank you for your prompt follow up. I emailed you all the required information.