Indoor Location + Temperature Tracking


Hi - I need to build a system that can track assets (containers) in large warehouses spread across a large site. I need to know where those containers are and the temperature. At a high level what would the hardware stack look like if I was to do this with the helium platform?



In indoors terms, gps location wouldn’t be an option. The common way to get a location is using beacons. Beacons use ble, so you can use a ble device with an atom and atmega (lets say) to control the communication device. Perhaps there will be other (or even better aproaches), but this would be an option.


Hey JK,

With our current generation platform, you will need to implement something like maleficarum has suggested. Our next generation of hardware will have significant improvements when it comes to location tracking and that use case will become much easier. I would prototype with ble beacons for the time being and expect to not need these beacons in the near future. The hardware stack would be an Atom, some MCU (like an atmega), and some ble device. The Helium Element will create a RF network for the Atoms to connect to and transmit data from these peripheral devices.

There are many temperature sensors you can choose from depending on the precision and type of sensing you want (i.e. non-contact or ambient). These combined parts will make a module which you can track as they move around a warehouse. If you can join our community Slack,, I can help you work through your the solution.

Does that help answer your question?