Instructions for Upgrading Existing Elements and Registering for Dashboard


These instructions are for people who took delivery on Helium hardware before April 2017 and need to upgrade their existing Elements to work with the new Helium Atoms and Helium Dashboard.

Upgrading your Helium Element

First you need to upgrade your existing Helium Element Access Point to work with the new Helium routing infrastructure and updated Atom module.

To do this, simply plug your Element into power and a live Ethernet port (or if it’s Cellular-only, just plug it into power). Once that’s done, it’ll be upgraded over the air within a few minutes. Nothing else is needed. The upgrade will be complete when the Element’s LED status shows that it’s connected.

  • For Cellular-backed Elements, this LED status is blue.
  • For Ethernet-backed Elements this LED status is green.

Registering for Helium Dashboard

Next you’ll need to register for Helium Dashboard and then add your Element to your new organization.

  • To register for Helium Dashboard, head here.

Once that’s done, follow the prompts to add an Element to your Helium Dashboard organization. You can get a full overview of how to do this in that same Helium Dashboard Guide.

Lastly, you can verify that your Element is online by viewing its “Status & Signal” in the Dashboard.

Next Steps

That’s it. Your Element is updated and ready to route traffic for you Helium Atom Xbee Modules. Once these arrive, register them in Dashboard using the instructions in the Dashboard guide on the Helium Docs and start building.

Let us know if you have questions.