IoT Without Limits Contest


Hello Helium Community!

Big news. We are excited to announce that we’re hosting a huge contest with Hackster, Sparkfun, and Google Cloud IoT. We are giving away $16,000 USD to the three best IoT applications, along with 100 hoodies to the first 100 entries.

Head over to the hackster contest page for all of the details regarding the contest rules and requirements.

Also, be sure to check out our blog for this contest and pick up some Helium Starter Kits, Atoms Modules, MCU Shields, and any other sensors you might need to compete here.

Remember, in addition to this forum, you can reach the Helium team on our Community Slack for support on all things prototyping. Don’t hesitate, sign up and get building!

Good luck!




Rather bothersome the contest was extended to July 15. Been putting a lot of time to meet the June deadline to the neglect of some other activities. Went code complete last night so only needed to get write ups done on the project page and code repository. While there are a couple places I can do more it still is very frustrating.


Hey rmerriam,

I’m sorry the extension has created problems for you as it was intended to do just the opposite. We should have given more notice of our intention to extend the contest.