June 30th, 2017 - Hardware Shipping July 10th and much more


This was originally sent to the Helium Developer Mailing list on June 30th, 2017.

We’ve been quiet for a bit but it was for good reason. There is a lot of exciting news to share today so hold onto your PCBs.

As usual, ping me directly or join us in chat.helium.com if you have any questions or comments.

Enjoy and thanks for being a part of Helium.


New Hardware Ships the week of July 10th.

Firstly, thanks for your patience as we tuned up the revised hardware. We have our ship dates nailed down, and packages will be in air the week of July 10th.

  • If you’ve already purchased a kit or are slated to receive new hardware as part of the community refresh, you’ll get an email for us when thing are en route.
  • If you still haven’t picked up a Helium Starter Kit or other hardware, there’s no excuse not to at this point. For $79 you can be developing on Helium, with full access to our new Dashboard and Channels infrastructure.
    –> Buy here: https://www.helium.com/products/helium-starter-kit

New Documentation at helium.com/dev

We just took the covers off of revamped documentation and developer resources. You can find it at helium.com/dev

It’s still being built out, so expect to see it improved daily, but here are some highlights:

-> Overview of the revised Helium architecture: https://helium.com/dev/architecture/overview
-> Helium Arduino Guide: https://helium.com/dev/hardware_libraries/arduino
-> Helium Raspberry Pi Guide: https://helium.com/dev/hardware-libraries/raspberry-pi
-> Helium Channels: https://helium.com/dev/data-channels/channels

There is plenty more to explore in addition to that and we’ll be adding to it at a rapid pace. And let us know what we’re missing or what needs to be tweaked.

Introducing Helium Channels

Helium Channels simplify the data routing between Helium edge devices and your cloud environment (like AWS IoT, Google Cloud Iot, or even an internal cloud). We publishes a blog last week with details on this feature and why it’s game changer when it comes to connecting devices quickly and securely to cloud-based applications.

-> Read it here: https://blog.helium.com/introducing-helium-channels-47f38b45aa42

Building a GPS Tracker with Helium, Azure, and Arduino

Amir just published a great tutorial on using the new Helium platform to build a pretty slick GPS tracker.

-> Read it here on Hackster: https://www.hackster.io/helium/gps-tracking-using-helium-azure-iot-hub-and-power-bi-f1a590
-> Also, we’re officially on Hackster. Follow us and get ready to add your projects: https://hackster.io/helium

New Code:

Linked in the docs are some new repos on GitHub you might want to peruse:

-> Helium Arduino Client: https://github.com/helium/helium-arduino
-> Helium ARM mbed Client: https://github.com/helium/helium-mbed
-> Helium Python Client (for use with platforms like Raspberry Pi): https://github.com/helium/helium-client-python