New Dashboard Features: Debug and RSSI


We just shipped a few new features for working with device data that are super useful for development and production:

  • Debug
  • RSSI

To check these out, go to the Atom section of Dashboard and click on a specific Atom. Here’s the quick summary of each:

Atom Debug

Each Atom now has a Debug panel which will let you view the contents of data being sent from to Dashboard. (Note that this means we need to store it temporary and will require you to toggle the feature off if you don’t want to use it.) For example, here’s some Soil Moisture Probe data as viewed in the Debug panel for our Fern Saver sensor.


RSSI, or Received Signal Strength Indication, is a complex beast (to say the least). But essentially it’s a measure of the strength of the wireless signal from a given packet. (Wikipedia is the best place to start if you want to dig in.)

We now show the RSSI for every packet in an Atom’s Event log. The units here are dBm. Lower is better. An RSSI of 0 would be perfect; and when you get up around -110 you’re looking at very poor signal strength. Here’s what you’ll see for RSSI in the Event Log table.