November 22, 2017 - New Helium Blogs, Docs, and Upcoming Webinars


Hi All,

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m Robert, Helium’s new Community Engineer, and I’ll be focusing on prototyping connected IoT devices for different verticals and helping you, the Helium community, get acquainted with this process as well.

In case you were wondering, I’m an electrical engineer with a background in power systems and embedded systems. Before I started here, I was writing software and networking code for VR platforms, and before that, designing smart meters! I am glad to be back in the hardware realm and have some important updates for you all.

Shoot me a note via email or on Slack if you have any questions or want to say hello.


New Blog Posts

We have new blog posts available covering our presence at Dreamforce 2017, AWS IoT, and Google Cloud Platform’s IoT Core setup. These will help you get familiar with both cloud services and how to manage the data from your devices on the cloud.

New Docs

There are new Helium CLI docs available on the Helium website to help you set up the Atom on a USB sled. You can create, send, and poll your Device Channels with the Atom via USB with Helium CLI.

We have also updated our Google Cloud Services documentation to reflect our latest updates and the open beta interface of Google IoT Core.

Upcoming Webinar and the Webinar Schedule

Recently we hosted a webinar with our friends from Google Cloud and the founders of Wallo on the best practices for IoT prototyping. In an effort to bring regular updates and developer support we’ll be hosting bi-weekly webinars. In future installments we’ll be covering a variety of different use cases with a focus on building sensing applications for specific verticals.

The next webinar will be December 7th with our partner, Kinetic Vision. Sign up for that webinar Cracking the IoT Code with Partners: A Fireside Chat with Kinetic Vision here: (