October 25, 2017 - Helium and Mouser, Configuration Variables, and more


This was originally sent to the Helium Developer Mailing List on September 28.

Happy Wednesday. Three big pieces of news today (all of which you should be committing to memory and telling your friends about): Mouser is a Helium Distributor; we just shipped new OTA capabilities; and there is a Webinar for you to attend.


Helium and Mouser

We’re excited to announce that Mouser is now a global reseller of all Helium hardware products - our first! Anyone who has bought hardware components on the Internet for projects large and small knows the Mouser name, and we’re thrilled to be part of their distribution network.

Introducing Configuration Variables - Secure OTA for Helium Devices

Every once and a while a company releases something so momentous that it changes the course of history. Today may be that day. Configuration Variables are a lightweight OTA update mechanism allowing you interact with parameters in your sensor code. These are parameters like “sensor sleep time” and “transmit frequency”. They also make command and control operations extremely simple. For example, if you’re using AWS IoT with Helium, and have a Device Shadow talking to your application to control the state of a gate or valve, you can use Configuration Variables to automate this process. The sky is the limit.

Best Practices for IoT Prototyping Webinar happening November 1st

I’ll be doing a 30 minute Webinar on November 1st with our friends from Google Cloud and the founders of Wallo. The agenda will be focused on what tech and processes the Wallo team used to get their first prototype into the field. (Spoiler: Helium and Google Cloud may be part of it.)

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