Receiving unix/epoch time from time server with atom


Is it possible to use the Helium Atom to connect to a time server - say, - and retrieve the current unix or epoch time for timstamping purposes? Specifically, in an Arduino environment for an Intel Galileo Gen2 equivalent board. I submitted this question to Helium support and they mentioned an API for time in the Arduino client, but did not give instructions on where to obtain said API.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the question. Is there a specific Cloud API/end point you’re planning to write the sensor data to once you’ve captured the timestamp?



Yes. We are sending the data to an Industrial IOT cloud platform. The API we received from them relies on an Ethernet connection to retrieve an NTP packet from a time server, then converts it into epoch time. We will not be using wired connections in our applications, nor do we wish to use WiFi.


@Cdmoral1 If the Atom is on and connected to the network, you can get an ntp based, unix epoch based timestamp straight from it using the API:

struct helium_info info;;
timestamp = info.time;

Hope that helps!


Yes, that does. Thank you.