Resin VPN support



Deploying to resin on rpi3 with atom is working great now. The last thing we need to get our full feature spec is to somehow get the resin vpn to connect through atom, so it can get live updates and other details. We deploy with our rpi3 connected to ethernet and it all works fine with both helium and resin, but once we unplug the ethernet to field deploy, our resin disconnects as we lose network connectivity.

Is there a way to route network traffic through the atom? It may not be the intended use of helium, but even with slow data rates, this feature would be amazing in the long run.

Jimmy from Wallo


@jimmy just following up from out IRL chat. To get better battery life and bandwidth over the 15.4 link, the Helium network is not a full IP stack. Doing VPN doesn’t quite make sense here.

The Helium Atom is already hardware authenticated and all packets are encrypted between the device and cloud.

If the goal is to update parts of the application software on the rpi3, I’d suggest using an upcoming feature in the Helium Atom to receive larger chunks of data over time. More on this as we get nearer to releasing it!


@marc looking forward to the new features!