Run the atom headless


It appears from the atom datasheet that it is possible to run it headless(Chapter 4 of the datasheet). Has anyone tried this? Or am I misreading the documentation?


Hi Brian,

The current rev of the Atom doesn’t expose these capabilities. (That part of the data sheet is outdated unfortunately and we’ll have to get it updated.) However, all hope is not lost. The next rev of the Atom will most likely feature these capabilities (though it’s some months off). We’ll keep you posted as it comes together.

In terms of footprint and processing power, do you have any idea what sort of app you would run on the Atom directly if we exposed a processor on it?



I’d simply just like to be able to monitor the IO directly on the atom. If it could have some sort of “report on change” feature where no programming would be required would the most ideal situation.


Got it. So this specifically isn’t possible with the current Atom but will be something that will be straightforward with the next version. I’ll make sure you know about it when it before it lands.