Subscribing to an MQTT topic


Hi all,

I testing an MQTT channel, using mosquito as the client on Mac OS.

I am having some trouble getting this client to connect to the MQTT topic for this channel.

It is probably something obvious that I am not seeing, so hoping that someone here can help.

I have prepared a short video to show you exactly what the problem is.

Thank you,



Hey Peter,

Thank you for making a video showing your problem - super helpful. It appears you are not receiving a publish from the broker.

Can you run this with “-v” at the end of your string for a verbose output and post it or send it to me in Slack? That will give me a better idea of what is going on on your end.

mosquitto_sub -h -p -t -d <debug y/n> -u -P -v



I am having issues as well …It there a better way to edit the topic …Or add your own topic ? I have a board I’m developing for the contest and there are 2 I2C devices that are posting readings and one onewire device as well as 2 relays that need to be subscribed to …I am sending data but now getting anywhere in reading what is actually coming out




Thank you very much.