Welcome to the Helium Developer Forum!


Welcome. Thanks for joining us. The Helium Developer Forum is the place where professional engineers and hobbyists alike come to learn and build sensing applications using Helium’s IoT toolkit.

If you’re new to Helium, here are some additional resources to check out in addition to this forum:

  • Helium Developer Site - Head here for documentation, client libraries and SDKs, hardware data sheets, sensor build tutorials, and much more.
  • chat.helium.com - Real-time chat with Helium Engineers and our developer community.
  • helium.com - The official home of Helium on the web.
  • Helium Store - The place to buy Helium Atom Development Boards Helium Element Access Points, and everything else we offer for hardware.
  • Contact Sales - Use this form if you have a question for our sales team.

Enjoy. And let us know if you need anything.

Mark and the Helium Team